I find myself fascinated by the slow passage of time. Days blending into nights blending into days until one night you’re trying to fall asleep and you can’t find the memories where they used to be. Your mind searching frantically for the visuals of those moments that used to mean something, and yet they’re nowhere to be found.

The slow passage of time evident in the familiar yet changing landscape. The faded lace curtains in the window down the street, always closed, except now they are open and a cat lounges in the summer heat. The bottlebrush tree that sheds a carpet of crimson red across the grass sidewalk, bleeding in spring. The perfect combination of pink and green as the roses bloom at the house on the corner with your favourite weathered picket fence, lost in time when the blossoms fade and the petals fall to the ground. The deep blue light of evening that filters through the bathroom window, becomes less blue, and the seasons have changed, and you have changed, and there’s no going back.

The slow passage of time evident in the shaping of our individual realities, in the pieces we share with others and those we don’t, in the people we are, and in the people we pretend to be in order that we’re not caught out alone.

The slow passage of time, intertwined with loneliness, with disconnection, with loss.

My art is thoughtful, and delicate, and sentimental. It is understated, and unashamedly personal. It’s the cultivation of being vulnerable, in the good times, in the bad times, and the never ending in between.

Find me at the intersection of memories and reality.

That’s where I’m at, and that’s where I’ll be.


Heather (that’s me) is an Australian photographic artist based in Mollymook and Sydney.



2017 Finalist, Art category, Australia's Top Emerging Photographers Awards (Capture Magazine)

2016 Finalist, SunStudios Assistants and Emerging Photographer Awards

2016 Finalist, IRIS Award, Perth Centre for Photography

2015 Finalist, SunStudios Assistants and Emerging Photographer Awards



2016 The Print Shop, Contact Sheet, Sydney

2016 CCP Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

2016 Hype, Group exhibition, 220 Creative Space Gallery, Sydney

2016 Laureate Australia National Design Exhibition, Sydney

2016 I.P.F Photo Prize, The Good Copy, Melbourne

2016 Free, Group exhibition, SunStudios, Sydney

2016 IRIS Award, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth

2016 Still / Dynamic, Group exhibition, 220 Creative Space Gallery, Sydney

2015 Side Effects, Group exhibition, SunStudios, Sydney

2015 Lucid, Group exhibition, Rocks Pop-Up, Sydney